Ask a Guard!

First tip for successfully maneuvering your local capital city – ask a guard!

I see questions go through trade/local chat in the cities about where’s a trainer or the inn, which many rude responses ensuing…

Ask A Guard

So important thing to remember – you can ask a guard where most anything is in the city! Trainers, inns, stable masters, quartermasters, flying trainers, vendors… the bank. Handy stuff to know!

After asking a guard, he will mark it on your map and mini map for you with a bright red flag. So just head towards the flag!

Guards are standing at the entrances to cities (guarding), and also at the entrances to the banks, the auction houses, and will also be randomly patrolling up and down the streets.

The way you can tell if an NPC is a guard, is that when you hover over them with your mouse, your cursor turns into a scroll icon.

Happy navigating!