Get Hearthstone Card Packs 20% Off from Amazon!

use bitcoins to get 20 percent off of hearthstone decks through amazon

This isn’t WoW related but…

I know I’m not the only one that plays Blizzard’s other games!

I absolutely adore Hearthstone, Blizzard’s virtual trading card game.

So I had to share that for a while now (and hopefully forever!), Amazon is offering card packs for 20% off!

I, for one, always feel weird about buying card packs because they can be bought with in-game currency. Why should I spend money on them??

Because I want all the cards!

So I was sooooo excited to discover that Amazon is offering this great deal for all of us Hearthstone players :)

Amazon’s site has all of the instructions, but all you have to do is install Hearthstone on your Android device using their Amazon app. So if you already have it installed, you’ll have to uninstall it first (you won’t lose anything!), and then reinstall it with their app.

Then purchase bitcoins from Amazon, then use the bitcoins in-game to buy card packs!

You can also earn bitcoins by making sure to install games through their app, and getting 25% bitcoins back from every bitcoin purchase in game. This is great if you have other favorite games that you regularly purchase micro-transactions for.

Easy ways to get more Hearthstone cards!

World of Warcraft Comics

Dark Legacy Comic

Today will just be a quickie post about the best comic strip about World of Warcraft.

Dark Legacy Comics are always entertaining, always smart, and always throwing insides jokes around.

I can’t emphasize enough how absolutely hilarious and awesome Dark Legacy is :)

I really can’t promote them enough. They also have a Facebook page you can follow and they release a new comic every week.

They also have a store on CafePress with clothing, mugs, and other gear if your RL WoW supplies are lacking!





Brewfest Guide!

brewfest pink elephants

My favorite holiday of the year! Brewfest!!

There’s a holiday boss, a chance at rare mounts, vanity items, dailies, achievements, pets, pink elephants, and alcohol! You can’t lose!

Available during this holiday:

  • Daily dungeon for level 89+ characters awarding epic iLevel 470 trinkets for every class and a chance at two exclusive mounts
  • Achievements
  • Commemorative Brewfest Stein
  • Dailies which award holiday currency (Brewfest tokens)
  • The Brewfest tokens can be used to purchase battle pets, vanity items and clothing, and my favorite – the “Brew of the Month” Club Membership!
  • A variety of brews and foods are also available for purchase using normal currency (silver)

The holiday runs for 16 days, so there’s plenty of time to enough currency for most of the items form the holiday vendor.

The Darkmoon Faire Guide

Greetings Wayward Travelers!

Thus begins another month and therefore another Darkmoon Faire!

Welcome to I am Not a Noob’s Darkmoon Faire Guide.

The Darkmoon Faire is a traveling carnival that comes to Azeroth every month, starting on the first Sunday of the month.

There are TONS of reasons to go to the Faire including Achievements, Pets, Mounts, Heirlooms, Transmog Gear, Toys, Experience and Reputation Buffs, Profession Leveling, and Daily Quests!

To get there, just speak with your local Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage in any Capital City:

  • Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, and the Exodar for Alliance players
  • Ogrimmar, Undercity, Silvermoon, and Thunderbluff for Horde players
  • Shattrath and Dalaran for either faction

This is also the week to go rep grinding and level some alts because of the merry-go-round buff which increases both by 10% for an hour!


darkmoon faire guide portal entrance

Darkmoon Faire Entrance Portal


How to Buy World of Warcraft

Buy World of Warcraft

Greetings Traveler!

 So you want to play World of Warcraft, hmmmm?

Well then, let’s get started, shall we?

* Note – this guide has been updated recently to reflect changes in the last expansion. It is much simpler and cheaper now to buy!

First, Some Requirements

To play World of Warcraft, you will first have to buy the World of Warcraft game, and you will also have to buy game time. Buying the game and its expansions is a one time deal – each expansion adds features to the game like extra races and classes to play, more questing areas to the world, and also increases the level cap. Game time is what allows you to continue to play and is bought in 30 day increments.

How to Buy World of Warcraft

Buying the game includes 30 days of game time. If you buy it from Amazon
it includes all of the previous expansions which lets you go up to level 90 (the current max level is 100). It costs $20 or less – at the time of this writing, it’s going for $13 on Amazon.

After buying and installing the game, you will usually need to download some fairly large updates before ready it’s ready to play (let it download overnight if you have a slow connection). Afterwards, it will have you sign up for an account and activate your first game time card. If you want additional game time, 60 day game cards are available on Amazon.

The only expansion there is to buy is Warlords of Draenor Expansion which is also available on Amazon. This adds new areas and increases the level cap to 100. The expansion also includes is a free character boost to 90! Additional character boost cost $60 and can be bought in game.

Now You’re Ready to Go!

Now the fun begins and you will finally be ready to create your first character! Congratulations!

Ask a Guard!

First tip for successfully maneuvering your local capital city – ask a guard!

I see questions go through trade/local chat in the cities about where’s a trainer or the inn, which many rude responses ensuing…

Ask A Guard

So important thing to remember – you can ask a guard where most anything is in the city! Trainers, inns, stable masters, quartermasters, flying trainers, vendors… the bank. Handy stuff to know!

After asking a guard, he will mark it on your map and mini map for you with a bright red flag. So just head towards the flag!

Guards are standing at the entrances to cities (guarding), and also at the entrances to the banks, the auction houses, and will also be randomly patrolling up and down the streets.

The way you can tell if an NPC is a guard, is that when you hover over them with your mouse, your cursor turns into a scroll icon.

Happy navigating!


Welcome to I Am Not A!

This site is for all World of Warcraft players, new and old timers alike!

The only requirement is that you love playing, and aren’t a against newcomers and their newbness.

There’s a difference between newbs and n00bs!

n00bs are players that grief others and make the gaming life difficult. Newbs, however, are just new and want to learn. They aren’t bad people and they aren’t bad players. They just have much to learn!

In World of Warcraft, there is much to learn :-)

This site is edit located to the spreading of knowledge, tips, and tricks! I offer complete guides to ANNIHILATE any trace of newbiness left in you!

So let’s get started!