Get Hearthstone Card Packs 20% Off from Amazon!

use bitcoins to get 20 percent off of hearthstone decks through amazon

This isn’t WoW related but…

I know I’m not the only one that plays Blizzard’s other games!

I absolutely adore Hearthstone, Blizzard’s virtual trading card game.

So I had to share that for a while now (and hopefully forever!), Amazon is offering card packs for 20% off!

I, for one, always feel weird about buying card packs because they can be bought with in-game currency. Why should I spend money on them??

Because I want all the cards!

So I was sooooo excited to discover that Amazon is offering this great deal for all of us Hearthstone players :)

Amazon’s site has all of the instructions, but all you have to do is install Hearthstone on your Android device using their Amazon app. So if you already have it installed, you’ll have to uninstall it first (you won’t lose anything!), and then reinstall it with their app.

Then purchase bitcoins from Amazon, then use the bitcoins in-game to buy card packs!

You can also earn bitcoins by making sure to install games through their app, and getting 25% bitcoins back from every bitcoin purchase in game. This is great if you have other favorite games that you regularly purchase micro-transactions for.

Easy ways to get more Hearthstone cards!

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